Spiked sparkling water and other flavored malt beverages are a huge and growing business.  Our client was launching something a little bit different - a spiked still water with a hint of flavor.

The original idea for this campaign came out of a copy line in one idea, art direction from another, and represents ideas and effort across 3 different offices and two continents. (My favorite headline is courtesy of our summer intern!)


As the ecd, I don't come up with all of the ideas (I do come up with ideas, though!) My role is to provide the client with the best thinking regardless of its source. I also need to negotiate between teams and offices to enroll the teams in collaborating and sharing ideas, which is not always an easy feat with creatives!  

My ability to create and foster a safe environment where people feel encouraged, supported and celebrated is what allows me to bring teams together to willingly share their work with others and allow improvements to come from anywhere.


Lenticular header card gives the brand high impact in-aisle at a very low cost.