Winning Halloween

My client had a problem. Not only did they face tough competition from Hershey at Halloween time, other players were entering the stores and candy buckets during their critical Halloween time period. Eveyrthing from fruit snacks to cookies to small soda cans were showing up on the scene and stealing their share. 


Glow-in-the-Dark branded wrappers to light up every kid's pumpkin on Halloween night.   


The client loved the idea. It took us 2 years and $6MM to perfect glow in the dark food grade ink. Now we had to get buyers at retail to love the idea and buy more product.  How do you show off glow in the dark wrappers in a brightly lit flourescent store? We designed a special sales kit complete with viewer.

We beat the competition soundly for three years running.  We launched with Shrek 2 and repeated with Star Wars. Mars has repeated glow in the dark wrappers multiple times.  But we did it first. Because my client invested in my idea, and we problem solved every obstacle that got in the way. (I can talk about this project for hours.)


​One beautifully simple idea drove repeated year over year growth during my client's toughest season.

Newest Standee 10.22.jpg

We launched Glow-In-the_dark with Shrek & then brought it back with Star Wars for Year 2


We leveraged the fun of the property to bring GITD to life with revealed answers to fun trivia.  We also created this special "viewer" to allow buyers to experience the GITD technology in brightly lit stores.