Cracker Barrel

'Worst Camper in the World'

Cracker Barrel was preparing a comeback of their previously popular Campfire Meals. They needed to build awareness, create consumer engagement, and most importantly - drive restaurant traffic. However, the customers had differing needs, with Millennials visiting the restaurants and stores less frequently than their parent Boomers did. So we needed to be customized by audience in both our media plan – and our creative. 

While boomers were big fans of Cracker Barrel, and many dined frequently, their millenial children weren't coming in on their own.  We saw a great opportunity to tap into millenials love of campy humor, and connect it to the campy nature of the Campfire Meal.  Our campaign introduced them to the Worst Camper in the World, and told them they don't need to be a great camper to get a great tasting campfire meal.

Highly engaging email campaign combined 
video, motion and even a countdown to drive

awareness, interest and urgency.

The campaign was fun, and it garnered a lot of press, too. It was a fully integrated campaign across all media channels, with a large emphasis on audience targeting and geolocation.

By geotargeting millenials on their phones within a couple of miles of a Cracker Barrel right before mealtimes, we were able to create a campaign that drove awareness of the new Campfire Meals, engaged them with fun and compelling content, AND drove subsequent traffic to the restaurant with a map locator and driving directions.

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