Nature's Way was a pioneer in herbal and homeopathic products, but their consumer had changed. They weren't relying on the health food store staff for information anymore. They were highly self-educated, tech-savvy, and had a much wider range of brands to choose from today.

Our client was also focusing their messaging on what the herbs do, but our consumer already knows what they do.  They needed to know why Nature's Way herbs were better.  To top it off, our client is outspent by brands owned by some of the biggest companies in the world, many with similar sounding names. 

My team created a campaign that focuses on the "way" that our client sources their herbs where they grow best, and how they work with herbal knowledge keepers around the world to deliver the very best herbs. It's how Nature's Way ensures that we all grow together.

Some of the individual stories (e.g. Black Cohash) are storytelling at its finest.  And I'm really proud of the integrated and beautiful campaign my team delivered.