Quitting a Club That You
Never Knew You Joined

Millenials are smoking in alarming numbers, yet they don't consider themselves 'smokers.'  They're immune to messages about the dangers of smoking, and they simply tune it all out.

Because they don't consider themself a 'smoker' they also don't seek out a solution to "quit" nor do they look for nicotine replacement therapy products like Nicorette or Nicoderm. 

Data showed us that over 80% of millenial smokers flip through content on their mobile phone while they stand out in alleys and other "smoking permissible" places during the day.


This unique effort was designed to geotarget smokers when and right where they were smoking, with a humorous and provocative mobile series that focuses on an odd truth millenial smokers DO have to face when they smoke -  they have to spend a lot of time with strange people they don't really know, in weird places they really don't want to be. 

This series featured daypart and weather triggered variations, and concluded with a geolocator map to let smokers know where they could find Nicorette if they wanted to quit this strange club they never knew they joined. 


Old cigarette machines would also be turned into Nicorette sampling machines and placed nearby. Consumers targeted on mobile would be directed to the machine for a free sample in key markets.