We focused on the great things Del Monte was doing that the consumer wasn't aware of - from recycling irrigation water to cool factories to packing within miles of where they harvest. 


Think Outside the Can

Del Monte was looking for a new agency, and they provided a brief that asked for work focusing on the quality of their canned vegetables. 

Our data and research told us this wasn't the way to get canned vegetable users to buy more Del Monte. In fact, canned vegetable buyers believe the product is good from any brand, including private label, which they often purchased.

MY ROLE: I uncovered a wide range of eco and community-friendly programs and practices that Del Monte was doing, and then worked with my planner to identify what causes matter to this consumer. Turns out she cares about the same things Del Monte does - communities, food scarcity, environmental issues and sustainability.  

In fact, she will choose brands who care and do more in the world, especially when she sees the product quality as parity.  And canned goods are as parity as you can get in her mind.


I brought only one campaign in the room, this one. And I began by telling the client we were ignoring their brief because there was something better.  A way to truly capture their consumers' hearts and minds, and then their purchase.

And we won. 


The freelance team that brought this campaign to life was supported by my team across all discplines from broadcast to digital to shopper and eCommerce.



Del Monte has invested millions of dollars into OCR readable codes on all their cans to ensure their QC machinery could properly read the codes to determine product origin, pack date and expiration date.  I uncovered this fact during my research and then leveraged this technology with an idea perfect for today's "farm to table" consumer. 


By creating an app, we would allow shoppers to scan those same codes to see where the product came from, and even learn more about the family farmers who grew the food. This further demonstrated the company's dedication to sustainability and let people see just how close to home their canned vegetables are actually grown - and differentiated from competitors and private label.  The marketing clients hadn't heard of this and loved it.

#CannedGood Food Drive


By launching with a "buy one give one" #CannedGood Food Drive, consumers would be donating one can of food for every Del Monte can they purchased. This was a very clever way to quantify work they were already doing, encourage more retailer display during the critical holiday time period, and get more consumers to grab Del Monte off the shelf.


We made it even better with social amplification, influencers and special programs for top retailers, like custom packaging at Walmart.

cans .png

Consumers could "log" their purchases through retailer apps and programs to see just how much they were contributing to the needy during the holiday season.