Alive! Multivitamins by Nature’s Way are made with the right ingredients to help fuel our consumer’s day, and it turns out, she cares about what goes inside every bottle.

Outspent by larger CPG brands, we focus our message – and our media – on the people most likely to listen, to buy, and to benefit from Alive!

While considered a staple at coffee shops and diners, Equal was also perceived as a bit old fashioned and unhealthy. We needed a new generation of coffee drinkers and mixologists to not only see Equal as an everyday beverage companion, but to see the world of flavor and sweetness contained within every single packet.

To usher Equal into 2019, we launched a colorful, emotionally-driven campaign focused on the products’ new innovations, variety of uses, and benefits. We then leveraged Instagram culture to reintroduce Equal as a hip, friendly and youthful product that goes beyond simply sweetening your coffee and tea.

College Inn Broth has been around for over 100 years, and people who use it know that the great flavor comes from the unique seasoning blend inside.   This blend was created and perfected by a famous chef, and still brings great flavor to any dish today.  This campaign celebrates our ingredient story, and reminds consumers that “Delicious is in the Details.”

Nakano Rice Vinegar comes in a range of flavors and helps add a healthy zest to any meal. A fully integrated program included print, social, digital, bloggers and a new recipe video series to help our consumers learn how to create delicious and healthy meals with our products.  It allows them to view this content on any device, anywhere at any time.  Today’s constantly-connected cook seeks video content for inspiration and education to help them deliver delicious and enjoyable meals for their family.

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