Tres Hermanas Launch Campaign

Today's consumers are looking for authentic farm-to-table foods, and the Tres Hermanas brand represents this. Authentic flavors and traditional recipes come from the sunburned heart of southern New Mexico, where the best chile peppers in the world grow alongside the Tres Hermanas Mountains. 

Our campaign told the story of how the brand has worked alongside family farmers for generations, cultivating the ideal seed and growing conditions to raise the best peppers they can – uniquely New Mexican peppers that ripen in the red soil and hot desert sun. Our tagline "new Mexican By Nature" helped establish the idea that the best chiles are grown right here in America, and don't have to be shipped in from Indonesia or China.  This would play with our 'locavore' foodie who wants to know where their brands are coming from.

We helped launch the Tres Hermanas brand with a bold brand look and feel, driven through a comprehensive campaign that included trade advertising to get retailer buy-in, a dedicated website with origin videos, robust video recipe series to appeal to today's content-consuming cook, targeted digital advertising, in-store merchandising and more.


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