TUMS Chewy Bites with New Cooling Sensation

After a 9 year run as the AOR for GSK, procurement and new marketing leadership decided to put it into review.

The assignment for the pitch was a campaign to launch a line extension for TUMS.  New Chewy Bites with Cooling Sensation. 

The enduring campaign for the TUMS brand is called "Food Fight" and it shows oversized food 'fighting' with people as a metaphor for how some foods trigger heartburn and acid reflux. 

TUMS are pretty simple and the only real innovation in the category is in flavor and form (e.g. chews.) The new product provided a cooling sensation in the mouth, but otherwise performed the same as the regular product.  

I leaned into the emotional benefit of the cooling sensation, in that you can relax and enjoy your favorite foods and the moments you are in, because the cooling sensation lets you know the relief is coming. So chill -- and enjoy the moment! Of course this also leverages a known meme (Netflix & Chill) that has a few connotations, and fit well with the humor usage of the brand.

MY ROLE:   This is my idea, and it was a last minute entry into the pitch.  It is not the idea I recommended to the client (that one is below) but it is a fun one that complements their current campaign of 'food fight' and builds on it by introducing the idea of 'loving your food' instead of fighting it.


I'm pretty sure my mad editing skills on the concept video below are what won us this business. :-D It did get plenty of laughs.

Oversized foods in public 'Instagram-worthy' stations kicked off the product launch in key markets

Shopper and digital are critical for the client, and this idea connected the new VUDU service from Walmart with the product in a really smart way.

"Whatever You Call It We Cool It"

This is the idea I sold client as the best option for the brand launch.  Why this idea?  A few reasons.


First of all, people don't always call it 'heartburn' especially if they are younger and new to the category.  Sufferers usually equate it with a lot things they DO more than something they HAVE.  Stress, spicy foods, pregnancy, lack of sleep -- these are all triggers for people.  

This idea connected with how the consumer FEELS, in their own words, and made fabulous use of the distinctive brand asset of the TUMS bottle. It also cleverly nodded to the new cooling innovation.

Shopper Marketing is critical for GSK, and I made sure we used all the best practices we had to help our message stand out in-store and especially at shelf. 

We also wanted to encourage sampling with the in-store FREEOSK for Walmart, and via the CVS Centers inside airports. All the while keeping the fun messaging of the campaign going strong.

My partner and I spent some time on M&Ms when they launched MyM&Ms and I actually had the very first Personalized Wedding M&Ms (gift from the client!) 

So printing on the chews was a brilliant way to create product innovation retailers like Walmart would love, while also introducing the product to a new user: pregnant moms! 

We also recommended NFL team logos, sports icons, food emoji versions and more. SO fun! 

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